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martes, 22 de mayo de 2012

¿ De qué hablan en ROOKIE MAGAZINE? (2)

Interesante artículo sobre Cómo ser una dama.
Expresado con gran ironía,  muestra todos los discursos que recibimos las chicas y mujeres por parte de la cultura que habla como los hombres más retrógrados. Reproduzco algunos párrafos para demostrar su discurso, tan diferente al que encontraríamos en una publicación  denominada "femenina".
"There comes a time in every young female’s life when she must put away her dolls and hair ribbons and become the woman she was born to be. (...)
Presentation is a key part of becoming a respectable woman. Your future depends on your ability to be beautiful. As a girl, you did not paint your lips or line your eyes, but now that you are older, the wonders of makeup are right at your fingertips. Pick a lipstick that works well with your skin tone. Write “Kewl” on your right cheek and “Bitch” on your left. Then throw glitter all over your face. Oh golly, you sure are pretty! (...)
Accessorize with dainty jewelry and pearls. Expensive jewelry can look inappropriate on a girl, but looks positively perfect on a young woman, like dog collars and spiked chokers. (...)
School may seem tedious and uninteresting to you because you are a girl, but it can have its benefits. You learn important subjects like writing, baking, and sewing. All of these skills are extremely applicable to your life beyond high school. You may choose to be a secretary or a housewife or a secretary who just has a job to support herself until she becomes a housewife. Your life is full of choices. (...)
Now that you are a woman, it is time to start thinking about the most important aspect of your life: finding a husband. But before you walk down the aisle, you need to find a swell boy to go steady with. Try to meet boys by going to sock-hops or hanging out at your local diner or sending them Facebook messages that say “DATE ME OR I’LL KILL YOU.” (...) "

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