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miércoles, 9 de mayo de 2012

Interview to Rookie Mag - Entrevistando a Rookie

Escribo esta entrevista para la gente de Rookie... a ver si me contestan. Espero que sí!!
"Hi, Rookie people!
I´m writting you from Spain, Europe.
I´m a 30-high school- art teacher and now, I´m studing a master´s degree  too; this is about  Education and Tech and digital natives and what they do, the way they behave... on the Internet. I´m writting a blog about all that things.
I´ve chosen to research  about the new feminism movement that young woman and teenagers girls are going to do, mainly against the mainstream  image that mass media propose.
It´s for that reason  I´m interesed in your magazine and the kind of girl- woman you defend from your texts, photos...
I´d need to have a little direct contact with somebody who writes in your magazine to submit my piece of work... so, Might I do some questions about Rookie and your philosophy?
If you could answer me, it could be awesome and very interesting for my colleagues and me.
Thank you very much!!

Interview to Rookie Staff:
1. Why to present this kind of magazine? What you didn´t find in the other girls´ magazine?
2. What´s the main feature of a on-line magazine? Had it been possible to do something like that 20 years ago? Like a zine?
3. You write about “power”, “ change”, “ being a person”, “ life skills”... in your mind, why popular feminine magazine doesn´t write about that?
4.  In Rookie, I can see important texts.. but photos, drawings and video are important too and can transmit all the message... Are the teenagers trained to understand better pictures than words?
5. I´ve could see a lot of gorgeous collages used to illustrated some post. I´ve remembered artistic work from John Heartfield John Heartfield against Hitler´s governemet in the 30´s. Could we interpreted your pictures like a strike  to... what? Maybe against typical women pictures from mass media?
6. Your edition is done with care and talent and it has a cultural and intellectual  high- level ... I wondered about the academic background or not that the editorial staff has. What kind of studies are they doing or has they do? Are they self- taught people?

I insist, Thank you a lot for your help and colaboration."

Hoy es día 3 de junio y aún no me han contestado desde la publicación... les he mandado también las mismas preguntas a través de Facebook. He insistido una tercera vez... amigos que  viven en el mundo norteamericano  y canadiense me dicen que lo normal para conseguir allí una respuesta es insistir e insistir... Veremos a ver.

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